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Venica for awesome hair. Hair oil is formulated with 21 active
herbs and oils to reduce hair fall, dandruff and give complete hair care. Promotes hair growth, promising awesome hair!!

Herbs: Amla (Ind. Gooseberry), Bramhi (Ind. Pennywort), Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba), Bavanchalu (Psoralea seeds), Camphor, Davanam, Menthe (fenugreek), Mandara (Hibiscus) flowers & leaves,Rose Petals, Triphala, Jajikaya (Nutmeg), Japatri (Mace), Jatamansi (Muskroot), Maruvam (Sweet Masuvama), Nagarmotha, Neem, Neela (Ind. Indigo), Pogada flower, Sugandha Palla (Ind. Sarsaparilla),Vetiver. Infused in pure coconut oil, sesame, castor and aroma oil.


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